Infinity Ward will finally remedy Modern Warfare’s huge install size in next PC update

Besides shooting and reflex skills, 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare eventually became a test of loyalty for PC gamers, raising quite a few eyebrows with its gigantic install size that would ultimately take well over 200GBs of storage space. Hardcore fans of the game were either forced to move other beloved titles from their dedicated gaming SSD to a slower HDD to make room, while many simply chose not to give in to its demands and preserved their libraries (and sanity) in the process. Thankfully, Modern Warfare’s next update for PC – possibly the most useful in months – will finally let players uninstall game modes that they no longer play, giving them back some of their valuable disk space.
It’s got super-slick animations, top quality gunplay, and one of the best MP/BR modes out there, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare delivers all that good stuff in exchange for lots of sweet SSD space. A cheaper, more capacious (and slower) HDD is an option, but not an ideal one for the game’s huge fanbase of online Multiplayer/Warzone players.

With its Season 6 update, Modern Warfare’s already massive install size of ~200GB grew even more where it would no longer fit on a 250GB SSD. Funnily enough, the issue was more concerning for PC players who had bought the entire game with its campaign, co-op, and multiplayer/BR modes, as opposed to the free-to-play Warzone-only players that ended up with having less content to download and install.

The game, now exclusive to the launcher, also didn’t allow for removing these modes, which meant your completed single-player campaign was just wasting disk space. Console players, on the other hand, were able to download and remove content packs in order to save storage and keep up with the game’s regular updates.

Now though, it looks like PC players will be able to do the same as Paul Haile, Modern Warfare’s Production Director tweeted that mode-specific uninstall options will be rolled out for the game’s PC version. The fix, included in Patch 1.28, is expected to arrive today and will finally let players remove game modes they no longer play to potentially reclaim tens of GBs of disk space.

Nearly a year after MW’s release, this patch is also coming suspiciously close to Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and might well be a cheeky way for Activision to make sure players have sufficient storage space for its next CoD game.